Terms of Service

Each client has unique requirements and receives special attention when it comes to invoicing for my services. I will work closely with you to ensure the method you choose is prepared to fit your needs.

The following is a basic guideline so you can see how we can establish a good working relationship.


A signed agreement is required prior to the establishing of a business relationship. The agreement outlines all the details so there is no confusion about  what is expected by both parties.

Method of Invoicing:

All invoices are sent via email with detailed information about the work completed and the amount of time for each task.

I do not charge for minor, miscellaneous expenses; however, out
of pocket expenses such as postage, shipping costs and printing through an outside source are added to the invoice for reimbursement.

With today's technology there are several ways now to send payment for services rendered. I hope that you will find the following ways convenient:

Money Order
Cashier's Check
Business/Personal Check

If you prefer to utilize online payment, I accept the following:

 Hourly Plan:
All work performed under this Plan will be billed at an hourly rate.

A detailed invoice will be presented to you each week or every other week or once per month in order to determine how much time was spent on a particular project.  The timing of the invoices will be determined by what is most convenient for you.  

There may be a deposit required for large projects.

Retainer Plan:
Often, clients like to start with a per-project arrangement, in order to get a feel of how the relationship will work. By working with me on an on going basis we are creating a partnership, so to speak. Using a monthly retainer based upon your needs enables us to develop a strong, professional relationship, and retainer fees are discounted to save you 10-15% of my standard hourly rate.

I offer a monthly retainer of 10 hours or more per month.

A detailed invoice will be emailed to you either weekly, every two week or monthly, which ever is most convenient for you. This gives you a clear record of the work that is accomplished

Custom Pricing Plans/Per Project:
As we all know, there are times when you must have a project completed outside of normal business hours. A surcharge will apply to all "Rush" and Evening/Weekend project deadlines. This is something we will discuss and agree to prior to the assignment.

I am always available to my clients should the need arise.

Due to the varying nature of services provided to my clients, quotes are provided on a per-project basis. A 50% deposit is required on all project plan assignments prior to work being started.

I am happy to discuss a customized pricing plan that can be tailored to fit your particular needs. Once we establish the assignment I can determine a price that you are comfortable with.

Other Terms:

  • My fees for services performed are billed in 1/2 hour increments.
  • Once I determine the scope of the project, a 50% deposit may be
    required before work can begin.
  • There is a fee for returned checks in the amount of $30.00.
  • There is a fee imposed for late payment. This fee is a percentage
    of the outstanding balance.

I hope this information has helped you in understanding how I charge for services and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.